Split 7" with A Band Called Moss (Ghost Town records)
Recorded 1994 at our old practice space in Tucson, AZ by Gerard.
Released: 1994

Track Listing

  • Kate Moss
  • Sugar Candy Mountain

    A Band Called Moss side:
    Zapatos Verdes Con Carne del Muerto Los Altos Los Lobos Meat Eaters Prefer Salisbury
    You're a Bastard for Eating Meat

  • This was recorded on 4 track in our first practice space about two weeks after we had formed as the Weird Lovemakers (along with the track on "Echoes From Tucson" comp) by Gerard, then we took it into Waterworks to mix it and add that "bitchin'" backwards cymbal. The only review of it we ever saw said "I almost like the Weird Lovemakers".