"Echoes From Tucson" 15 Track V/A CD (Third World Underground)
Produced by The Weird Lovemakers
Recorded June 1994 at our first practice space in Tucson, AZ
Released: 1994

Track Listing

  • Beyond Seven "Painkiller"
  • Teeth "Odd Couples"
  • The Fells "On The Road"
  • Dave's Big Deluxe "New Start Tomorrow"
  • Cortex Bomb "d.y.r.f."
  • Spread "Light Speed Savior"
  • Treble Jar "Not What I Had In Mind"
  • Skolliwoll "Stale"
  • Mummichog "Soma"
  • Brenda's Never Been "Cuntface"
  • The Lonely Trojans "High Hopes"
  • Flavor Cage "Gun Lust"
  • Greasy Chicken "Blue Mode"
  • Then Tingari "Liar"
  • The Weird Lovemakers "The Winding Down"

  • Lyrics

    This was recorded on 4 track in our first practice space about two weeks after we had formed as the Weird Lovemakers (along with the tracks on the split single with A Band Called Moss) by Gerard, then we took it into Waterworks to mix it. The lyrics are also the plot to parts of a multi - episode SWONK series, found within "A Moon, A Girl... Swonk". Three fourths of the band can also be found here with their earlier bands: Hector was in Skolliwoll, and Greg & Gerard were in The Lonely Trojans.