"Brine Storm" 20 Track V/A LP (Gouramie)
Produced by The Weird Lovemakers & Jim Waters
Recorded 1997 at The Arizona Institue for the Recording Arts by Ivan Rezlowski in Phoenix, AZ
Released: 1999

Track Listing

  • Los Federales "Rich Kids"
  • Absinthe "Sterile2"
  • Yellow Brick Roadkill "On Two"
  • Beer Gut "Smoke Break"
  • Stuck "Clouds"
  • The Lovers "Love Is For..."
  • The Blacks "Move"
  • Super Monkey "FFF"
  • My Gun Named Trina "Reality Check"
  • Direct Action "Trap Me"
  • The Weird Lovemakers "This Man, This Monster"
  • Teeth "Squalor"
  • The Spites "Can't Think Straight"
  • Feast Upon Cactus Thorns "Rabbit Food"
  • The Fells "Hung Up"
  • Helldriver "Brag Strip"
  • Suicide Lane "Old Friends"
  • Disabled Superman "Stupid Chix"
  • Hobart "Thanks But No Thanks"

  • Lyrics

    We did this one with a friend of ours (Ivan Rezlowski, also in the Nogales, Mexico Punk band "La Merma") who was taking a class in Phoenix to learn "the art of recording". We became his final project & got a couple of songs out of the deal (this one, "Milton Bradley" off of Brine Strom, and "Phantom Soul" off of Flu Shot.) Greg originally wrote this as a feminist anthem for another band (mostly girls), but once we started doing it, it became more of a Bizarro inverse.