"Brine Storm" 24 Track V/A CD (Gouramie)
Produced by The Weird Lovemakers & Jim Waters
Recorded 1997 at The Arizona Institue for the Recording Arts by Ivan Rezlowski in Phoenix, AZ
Released: 1997

Track Listing

  • Beyond Seven "Nowhere"
  • shoebomb "Greeting Cards"
  • The Simpletons "The Wrong Day"
  • The Weird Lovemakers "Milton Bradley"
  • Helldriver "Ignition Addiction"
  • Spillblanket "Nun en Masse"
  • Wise Folk Malcontent "In The Way"
  • The Bob Fanning Trio "Shut"
  • The Wongs "Re-Animate My Baby"
  • Grimblewedge "I Know You Know"
  • Teeth "Asterisk"
  • Shambles "Brilliant"
  • Los Federales "Radar Trap"
  • Scott Moody "Ho-Daddy-O"
  • The Fells "Baby You're So Repulsive"
  • Absinthe "Absolution"
  • Super Monkey "The Last Song"
  • shovel "2-Verse Chop"
  • Percolator "Intoxication"
  • Bargain Town "Vibro World/ Just North of Edgewater/ Eric Blair Was Right/ Witch Hazel"
  • Rocket #9 "Haunted House Song"
  • The Resonars "Six Daisy Neckchain"
  • The Imposters "Thyme"
  • The Pork Torta (featuring Serge) "Cafe Express"

  • We did this one with a friend of ours (Ivan Rezlowski, also in the Nogales, Mexico Punk band "La Merma") who was taking a class in Phoenix to learn "the art of recording". We became his final project & got a couple of songs out of the deal (this one, "This Man This Monster" off of If The Drugs Don't Kill Us, The Boredom Will, and "Phantom Soul" on Flu Shot.) Gouramie released some cool stuff, but I think this comp sort of put the squeeze on Mike, the guy who was running it (plus he became a father) & shortly after this came out he dropped out of the whole label biz.