"Underachievers 4" 17 Track V/A cass (Star Time)
Produced by The Weird Lovemakers
Recorded 1999 at our practice space in Tucson, AZ by Scott Moody
Released: 2000

Track Listing

  • The Resonars "Suddenly Sunday" (Marshmallow Overcoat)
  • The Weird Lovemakers "Native American" (The Seldoms)
  • Bebe and Serge "I Want Barbie's Doll" (LeeAnne Savage)
  • Scott Moody "Hung Up" (The Fells)
  • The Cocksmen "Tasty Pie" (The Napkins)
  • The Knotts "Slow Run" (Earl's Family Bombers)
  • Mark Arthur "We Got Cactus" (Bloodspasm)
  • The Blacks "The Desert Speaks" (KUAT)
  • Clovenhoof "Slowdown" (The Topset)
  • Los Federales "Way Gone Son of a Bitch" (James Dead)
  • Miss Lola Mellons "Smells Like Rain" (The Weird Lovemakers)
  • Bargain Town "Phoenix 99" (The River Roses)
  • Fish Karma "Poster Child" (Jim Parks)
  • Al Perry "Welcome to the Future" (Fish Karma)
  • God "Fuck Shit Up" (U.P.S.)
  • Xamanche "Loserville" (Al Perry)
  • The Sabrositas "Thinkin' 'bout Revenge" (The Supersuckers)

  • This tape is the fourth in a continuing series that documents Tucson's "Underachieving" Underground. This time around the theme was "Tucson Covers" (the names in parenthesis are the original bands who recorded the songs). We recorded our song live to 4 track, overdubbing the (stupid) vocals. None of us ever saw the Seldoms, but Greg knew the song (which is from around 1982) from a comp tape that Splat made for him.