"Underachievers 4" 23 Track V/A cass (Star Time)
"Produced" by The Weird Lovemakers
Recorded 1998 at Star Time Studios in Tucson, AZ by Scott Moody
Released: 1998

Track Listing

  • The Blacks "Black Boat"
  • Helldriver "Nitro"
  • Al Foul & The Shakes "Cerveza"
  • Disabled Superman "Surfing With A Turtle Head"
  • Scott Moody "Drive Thru"
  • The Pork Torta "If I Had A Hammer"
  • The Weird Lovemakers "Mr. Fantastic"
  • The Hores "Itch"
  • The Cheapshots "Mooncruiser"
  • Los Federales "Intrepidos"
  • Big Jazz Bucket "Baby Elephant Walk"
  • Blts "Need You Bad"
  • Brian Bounds "Obatala Boogie"
  • Al Perry "Pusztettem"
  • Jeff Sanders "Stoney Creek"
  • The Fells "Blues Theme"
  • The Resonars "Sparks"
  • The Sabrositas "Sabrosa"
  • Chick Cashman "Large Sack"
  • FUCT "Country Time"
  • Grimblewedge "Swig"
  • Julia Groves "'A' Mountain Backstep"
  • Splendida "Upon Skin"

  • This tape is the third in a continuing series that documents Tucson's "Underachieving" Underground. This time around the theme was "Instrumentals", and while our song is certainly that, the mix is pretty damn bad. We're gonna re-mix it when we get this "Odds & Sods" type comp together that we keep planning on, so don't knock yourself out trying to find this tape on our behalf. But DO find it to hear the Blacks song (and, you know, everyone else too). Live to 4 track.