"Caramba! Tammies '95" 18 Track V/A CD (Ephinany)
Produced by The Weird Lovemakers & Craig Schumacher
Recorded 1995 at Wavelab Studios in Tucson, AZ
Released: 1995

Track Listing

  • Ginger "Horoscope"
  • Naked Prey "That's How Much I love You"
  • Sam Taylor Blues Band "Back Against The Wall"
  • Greasy Chicken "The Caper"
  • Dog & Pony Show "Tiny Places"
  • The Mollys "All Around My Hat"
  • Latino Solido "Falso Amor"
  • Mood Indigo "Shelter"
  • Ismael Barajas Latin Jazz Band "Images"
  • Stefan George & Songtower "Lonely Is"
  • 1995 Tammies All-Star Band "Come On"
  • Neon Profit "It's A Miracle"
  • Los Changuitos Feos "Fiesta in Jalisco Amor Eterno"
  • Travis Edmonson "Song of the River"
  • Crystal "La Negra"
  • Jamie Anderson "Never Assume"
  • Betty Stress "Virility"
  • The Weird Lovemakers "Goddess"

  • The third time we'd recorded together was for this freakish Tucson comp that purports to show the "best" that the town had to offer in 1995 (as determined by a popularity contest that the local weekly paper holds yearly). Getting onto a CD was supposed to be part of the deal each year, but this was the second & (seemingly) last time that it actually happened. There's some pretty funny stuff on here though, especially the track right before ours where the singer for the winners in the "Heavy Metal" catagory keeps yelling out "Cut off my balls and kill me!". We've won this award a few more times, but none of the (new) people who go to see us as the big "Tammies" show ever seem to come out to a local punk show again, so maybe we actually suck or something.