"Only 14% Defunct!" 14 Track V/A cass (No Theme!)
"Produced" by The Weird Lovemakers
Recorded 1994 at our first practice space in Tucson, AZ by Gerard
Released: Feb 1997

Track Listing

  • The Impossibles "Let's Get It On"
  • Yellow Brick Roadkill "Treehouse"
  • The Lovers "Malt Liquor Saved My Life"
  • Hobart "Road to Deliverance"
  • Snap Krackle Drop "Spam"
  • The Blacks"Mass Crap"
  • Black Duck Motor "I'm on Fire"
  • Los Federales "Alternacheese"
  • Kick Ass Ernie "The New One"
  • Failure to Appear "Bits and Pieces"
  • The Weird Lovemakers "Hector's Hardcore"
  • Zero Tolerance Task Force "Bachelor Foods"
  • Beer Gut "Police State University"
  • Boba Fett Youth "I Don't Know"

  • Travis from Los Federales put this comp out of mostly Arizona bands, and for some reason (we're lazy maybe?) we gave him a song from our second recording sessions from 3 years earlier. These were the "condensor sessions", where we recorded all of our (then) new songs straight onto 2-track using a couple of condensor mics in our practice room. We've since thrown out about 80% of those songs, but the sound quality of the tape turned out pretty okay, so now you can hear a song about how Hardcore saved Hector's life. In addition, there is a "mosh" part.