"The Bright Side of Death" 22 Track V/A cass (& CD, supposedly) (Gapin Hanus)
Produced by The Weird Lovemakers & that fellow from Warsaw
Recorded 1996 or 1997 at Pappa Roo's in Tucson, AZ
Released: No clue, maybe 1998?

Track Listing

  • The Fixtures "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"
  • Los Federales "Spam"
  • The Weird Lovemakers "Eric the Half a Bee"
  • F.U.C.T. "Brave Sir Robin"
  • Zero Tolerance Task Force "Bruce's Philosophy Song"
  • Brompton's Cocktail "Sit on My Face"
  • Yellow Brick Road Kill "Every Sperm is Sacred"
  • Beer Gut "The Meaning of Life"
  • Slo Deluxe "Monk Chant"
  • Al Perry and the Cattle "Lumberjack Song"
  • Al Foul & the Shakes "Protest Song"
  • HOC w/ Daniel Cain "Galaxy Song"
  • Stuck "Penis Song"
  • Minimum Wage "Henry Kissinger"
  • Swindle "I Like Chinese"
  • The Impossibles "Knights of the Round Table"
  • Gungalo "Brian's Song"
  • The Gut Monkeys "Galaxy Song"
  • White Trash Debutantes "Eat the Rich"
  • I.H.O.P. "Medical Love Song"
  • Astroloyd "I Got Two Legs"
  • MDC w/ Pig "Every Sperm is Sacred"

  • Fred from Zero Tolerance Task Force put together this comp of bands covering various Monty Python songs, and if you run into him, maybe he can explain the process of it's eventual birth. It was a good idea, and there are some pretty funny versions of Python songs on here, but it really only barely exists. Every once in a while you can find a few copies at Toxic Ranch Records here in Tucson, and maybe a CD-R gets burned from time to time. Anyway, this was pretty fun to record and in retrospect maybe we should've used the version with Gerard singing in a "Hardcore" voice, but we're chickens (as it is, there are more than enough bad "British" accents on here to make up for it). Look, we're just glad to be on a release with MDC, okay?