If you lost the insert from the e.p., or, for those of you are all punk rock and shit and taped the e.p. off a friend, you can read the words here.

CATHOLIC GUILT (Jaime) Life got blurry as I felt the Virgin Mary's claws ripping through my veins. La mano peluda, la chompa cornuda, a dream that killed my faith. Didn't wanna live in a senseless whirl, Didn't wanna listen to a pretty girl, Didn't wanna be a guilty Catholic freak. My heart is numb, your skin's adhesive and sex is such a desperate act. Ave Mar’a, Madre de Dios, please don't make me come to tears. Don't wanna live in this cold dark room, Don't wanna pray to a pretty girl, Don't wanna be a guilty Catholic freak. Close my eyes and feel the void, it's worse than staring at the sun. Caffeine shakes, an empty stomach, and I don't wanna run.

SNUFF LIKE A HOG (Petix) Cut up newsprint, past up demands; Retirement plan. . . sucker. Holding today hostage for a ransom of tomorrows, tied it up with work and worry 'til it's weak and old. Each Friday you chop off a week and send it to the garbage, keep the resent wrapped up, slaving for the future. I got some money, I got no hurry, I got my buddies. Working 30 to pay the rent, time better spent on me. That safety net you're making's gonna tangle you for decades, I'm up there on the trapeze while you're still out getting rope. Tomorrow I could eat saw dust or I could live to 60. Either way I'll burn bright, snuffing like a fat hog. I got some money, I got no hurry, I got my buddies. Okay by me.

IRVING (music: Schumacher, Petix/ words: Petix) Sweaty, cold with his spent courage, offer of 69 86'd kindly. His heart's in his throat but it's in the right place (right place for what?). Everybody is his friend, but nobody sticks around when only Mary Tyler Moore's on freight trains honk in the distance. Irving, so deserving he's serving solitary. Irving, he's a virgin, he'll be one when he's 80. He could play the samurai, split his insides on the floor, but she'd molehill that mountain of guts for some cute boy's nail clippings. She can always talk to him, though, but not in the quiet of night. She talks to them when she wakes to vague fears, to him, to him, to hymn in their ears. Irving, he's not merging, he's swerving off of the freeway. Irving, so deserving, Irving, Irving.

GET UPTIGHT (music: Willis/ words: Jaime) I've woken up from a desperate tunnel only to find I'm stuck in a hole. Look in the mirror, nothing's familiar. Look outside, the city's a blur. And I'm looking through strobe light eyes Spider-like minutes flicker on and off. I've woken up from heavy addiction only to find my body's all numb. Look in the mirror, everything's ugly. Look outside, there's nothing to see. Get uptight! Get uptight! Jump in that hole.