The Weird Lovemakers "Back 20" Lyrics

Do drugs, fuck your woman. (Willis)

I have this masturbation fantasy about you -- you stand there fully clothed, saying the words, "I love you." I can't believe it, you seem to mean it. It's science fiction, just like all the Cylons dancing. You're like a star at night, ions light years away from the anti-gravity of my own situation. I fixed my starship, I got bionic. My ten-speed hits warp drive, your ass my destination. I just wanna go. I used to imagine your legs spread smooth as water the way pulp writers would imagine robot butlers. Now that's in the past, things turned bad so fast. I wish a time machine could alter the shock ending. I don't wanna know. This is the last transmission I will ever send. She was a miswired fembot I could never mend. Utopia turned to dystopia in the end. The man in the high castle, time and time again. (Petix)

3) HEY, HEY, U.S.A.
I got a call from my buddy Ray. He said, "Whoo, yeah, I'm a free man! It was about ten years ago, I got busted with a ton of dope, yeah! I said, 'a la verga con el Border Patrol!' Knocked him over with the car door." Hey! Hey! "I grabbed my huevos, and I ran away. Hid in the dumpster behind Circle K. Hey!" "I skipped town, and I went down South. Fell in love with a pretty mouth. I never heard from the law at all. It's been ten years, so I had to call, yeah. The statute is over, and I got away. Flippin' the finger at the U.S.A.! A! So whatta ya say? Let's do it again. Making cash stonin' the U.S.A.! A!" "Ese, carnal, let's do it again! Flipping my finger at the U.S.A.!" (Music: Willis o Lyrics: Jaime)

High noon showdown, over on Dealey, November 22nd, 1963. Six-Gun Kid, avatar of Kali, blocks the limo of John F. Kennedy. Got 36 magic bullets for every bone in Johnny's skull, six trigger fingers itching. Big black Stetson over his blue face, belt of white skulls dangling from his waist, shoots at Johnny, turns his head to paste, Secret Service looks the other way. Jackie tries to scoop his brains up. Who called the hit, she'll never know. Six-Gun Kid calls up Allan Dulles. You don't fuck with Allan Dulles, boy. (Petix)

Can't find a way to get out of today. Can't lose myself enough in yesterday. My life's a mess. My days are wrecked. Take off my boots. Put on my zombie suit. Can't find a way to get out of today. Can't lose myself enough in yesterday. I can hear the director yelling a thousand miles away from here, I love my zombie suit. I can feel the lights and the camera, a thousand years away from now. I need my zombie suit. (Music: Weird Lovemakers o Lyrics: Jaime)

My guts turn into snakes and scorpions build my heart. My brain's a nest of wasps and sharks swim in my blood. Oh! Red Fingers! Fists are clenched and nervous, I'm riding the wrong bus. Ties are quickly breaking, there's no one left to trust. Oh! Red Fingers! White knuckles, red fingers, blue feelings, black express. OH! Red fingers! (Music: Schumacher o Lyrics: Jaime)

Mr. Chanto, don't you know that you have to wait for the green. You keep charging that red light as if it was a red flag, you stupid old bull. Mr. Chanto, look at that, look at the pretty young girl. When you see her you want to explode... But she don't even notice you, none of them ever do, eyes of blue, legs so new, running away from you. You make a pass -- Donner party, Your advance -- Thermopylae. Hit on girls like a made man. Little train thinks he can. Don't jump the cun, your day is done, get used to "no". Mr. Chanto, look at that, look what you did to that girl. She can't ride this subway anymore. You're a pest, caveman Romeo, slope-head lothario. Why you... Can't take a hint, won't take a hike. You can't plug the hole in a dyke. Make them walk when you pitch woo. Face it, girls don't like you. Get off the phone, she won't be home, Mr. Chanto. (Petix)

Smart, nice, and funny, but you're homely, too. Boys like you, but not in the way you want them to. Your pretty roommate pins them all without a fight, you fall asleep hugging your pillow every night. No matter what she does, she still is wanted. No matter what she says, she still is wanted. No matter what you do, you're so unwanted. No matter what you say, unwanted. You'll be alone, it's not okay. You'll be alone, every day. Repaint the Sistine Chapel with your blood, the girl who paints her face is gonna nail the stud. Could give a kidney to that boy in the car crash, he'll fuck the pretty nurse who gives him a sponge bath. No matter what she does, she still is wanted. No matter what she says, she still is wanted. No matter what you do, you're so unwanted. No matter what you say, unwanted. You'll be alone, it's not okay. You'll be alone, every day. (Petix)

A esto ha llegado, levantaron al Rendon. La migra lo ha pescado, todo para en Tucson. Se acabo la gira, vamos pa' Nogales otra vez. El Guero es cumplido, tiene demasiadas novias. El Paco se ha convertido, refundido en la iglesia. Solo quedo yo, poco preparado para mi, Vida Aburrida!! Aburrida!! Se ha limpeado el manchon, me estoy volviendo saico, saico. Sin banda y sin gira no se que voy a hacer. No veo television, nunca leo el periodico. No escucho la radio, nomas trabajo y quemo mota. A veces voy al bar, me pongo a tomar hasta que se me Cae La Cara!! Ando por la Obregon, me estoy volviendo saico, saico. Sin banda y sin gira no se que voy a hacer. Dime de tu salvacion. Dime de tu nueva novia. Yo te cuento de lo peor, de mi vida aburrida. (Jaime)


Let's go swimming before the sun comes up to oxidize my motivation. Peel our lizard skins off for a moment in an underwater Mars. Drop your pants and put your green goggles on. Stars are bouncing off your underwear. [Unintelligible] ...towards the bottom, as we start splashing around. Light turns on in number 135. Let's get out before they call the cops. Hop on our bikes and race to the next pool before we turn back into slugs. Underwater you're so blissful and cute. In the sun, you're dry and nasty. Let's go pool hopping every night this summer. 'Cause you don't hate me anymore. Let's float away! (Music: Willis o Lyrics: Jaime)

You're so fucking pretty, walking through the city. All the cowboys cowtow, tyranny of beauty. I don't want... Snaring guys with fishnets, g-string like a garrote. Ass from here to Yuma -- motivating carrot. I don't want anyone or anything to have pull over me. Choke my field of vision, never pay admission, body like an A-Bomb causing car collision. I don't want... Gonna write the mayor, send an angry letter, calling for a ban on tight angora sweaters. I don't want anyone or anything to have pull over me. You're so fucking pretty. (Petix)

13) ACE
I woke up in a restaurant, in the arms of a debutante. Tacky paintings all over the walls, the heavy scent of alcohol. Twirling curls with the glamour girls, always bitchin' 'bout their bitchin' lives. How the hell did I end up here? My name is dirt and they treat me like lice. All play and no work; they don't have character, and they aren't characters. Tip the staff with beauty tips, but they need cash. Stole a glance across the restaurant, into the eyes of Miss Nonchalant. Tall and pretty, looking like a geek. Do you wanna hang around with me? All I've got is a buck, and the keys to my sister's pick-up truck. We could take it to the beach. Share a thirstbuster and wear our shades 'cause I'm sure you've heard this before, but you're one hundred and ten feet tall. I'd enter you like I enter doors, 'cause you're an ace. This doesn't mean nothing else, there is nothing for you to decode. I'd rather be in you're arms, 'cause you're an ace. (Music: Weird Lovemakers o Lyrics: Jaime)

My girlfriend's saying I got meaner, don't know how she knows it 'cause I haven't seen her. Quarantined in my house with a bad case of hate. People swarm like germs so I guess I'll just stay. Graduation left me feeling dumb and bitter, never got to fuck my babysitter. Beating off to women who can't stand the sight of me. Only get weak solace from beer and misogyny. Heart's as barren as my spent libido. Sick and tired of thinking, let my brain go fallow. Training's done but the game hasn't even started, waiting in the dugout like I'm retarded. Television's getting weird but it's my only friend, Mr. Ed is telling me to shoot the president. Sesame Street's just a muppet ghetto, rooting for the lion when he jumps the antelope. Won't mop up the spilt milk, watch it curdle and dry. When life hands you lemons, squeeze the juice in your eye. (Petix)

I don't wanna sleep with you. But, I know how much you really want me to. Now I'm feeling like a bitch. Gonna rip, I'm gonna rip, I'm gonna rip another stitch. You're burning with retched luck; here comes the fire truck. You don't want another kiss. But, I'm looking way too sorry to dismiss. Close your eyes and pucker up. You're so pretty and you're pity's gonna please a lonely fuck. A guilty, collapsing train is racing through your brain. (Music: Schumacher o Lyrics: Jaime)

(Weird Lovemakers)

Fat Jay went to Hermosillo for a swim. Girls down there, all pretty sea nymphs, laughed at him. Weak in beauty, sad troll king. He needs power, a magic ring. He feels like old Pagliacci. He wants to ride the valkyries. He'll storm heaven, change at last. He just bought a can of Slimfast. (Petix)

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