howling swonk
"Swonk" was a weekly comic strip written by Greg Petix of the Weird Lovemakers & drawn by Chris Cilla of The Pork Torta. It ran for almost two years in the Arizona Daily Wildcat (the U. of A. college paper) despite the fact that neither of it's creators were students. "Howling Swonk" was the second of three collections of the strip that were compiled ("The Pocket Swonk" and "A Moon, A Girl... Swonk" are the others); taken as a whole, they represent the comic in it's entirety. Special mention should be made of Noah Lopez who allowed Swonk to have it's forum by bamboozling the U. of A.

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  • Chris Cilla also has a heap of great self-penned comic books for sale, all of which are highly recommended. Contact him at:

    6130 N.E. 9th
    Portland, OR 97211