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The Weird Lovemakers "Flu Shot" eMpTy RECORDS

The mighty eMpTy label has got this knack of finding killer rock bands such as Gas Huffer and introducing them to larger audiences. That's what they're gonna do with The Weird Lovemakers on this, their second full length release. Clocking in at just under 40 minutes and boasting 23 songs (there's a super secret mystery track) - nearly every song is a 4 chord fast and furious venture - do the math. This being said, this desert quartet gets down to business right away, no fooling around with intros, the Weird Lovemakers believe in ZERO foreplay. These four guys from Tucson, AZ rock the joint till the nails disintegrate and all that's left is a pile of rubble. Everyone gets a chance to holler and wail, and wail do they ever. Warning, plenty of friendly fucks and additional language throughout. This rocks from start to finish. Flu shot? How about a herpes shot instead. Way to go!
Reviewed 6/23/98