Flipside #114 sept/oct 98
"Flu Shot"
They rock really hard, surprised the hell out of me how hard they came out of the gate. 20 seconds into the first song was checking the jewel case to see if this band was fron NYC. Nope, Tucson Arizona it says. Weird: they sound like '79 NYC by was of '95 Austin Texas. What I'm ineptly attempting to say is that a lot of this has a strong late 70's punk'n'roll style (even a litle bit of Pistols) gone al hayseed semi psychotic, leaving a taste of psychobilly without being at all rockabilly. They leave a strong impression of chaos and insanity, not unlike Crack or Nuclear Rabbit, or a slower, toned down Boris the Sprinkler. Good Stuff, 23 tracks of theirs and a Clone Rays cover? -ShitEd