Chin Music #2
Flu Shot CD
As Tucson, AZ's Weird Lovemakers say themselves, the shrieking 22 (+1) tracks on this one "won't cure your soul and it won't mend your heart. But it'll soothe your notch and it'll lube your crotch." No lie. From the speedy rocker "Jetboy Helena"s fellatious "wish i had it" chorus all the way to the screaming pleas of "Mr. 420" and the easy-cheese la-la action of "1-2-3", Flu Shot tears it up. You've gotta love the full-nuts energy, the subtle touches of Moog here and there, and the Supersucker-sing-a-long-ability of just about every song, with the melodies ranging in similarity from Screeching Weasel and Bouncing Souls on one end way over to Superchunk on the other. Plus there are songs about everything from corporate greed to test tube babies to losing your legs, cock, and balls in the Clone Wars! And a song called "Retard Sandwich." How can you go wrong? Extra cool stuff (and stuff): 1. Track 13, "OCP". It's got Shakers in it, for Christ's sake! 2. "Kick it Joe". I bet this song breaks the speed of sound live. And I'd be yelling along, right through the sonic boom.