The Arizona Daily Star Aug 21, 1998

The Weird Lovemakers "Flu Shot" CD
Whatever happened to good ol' three-chord 90 second punk rock songs? Today's CD stores are stocked with increasingly varied punk product that goes by appelations such as skate-punk, ska-punk, hard-core, thrash-punk, metal-punk, ad nauseam. Thank goodness for Tucson's Weird Lvemakers, who play punk music the way it was meant to be played: with snotty carelessness, wise-ass art school minimalism and lyrics that are actually about something. The Weird Lovemakers are students of classic punk, steeped in the tradition of the Stooges, Magazine, the Buzzcocks and the Descendents. The band's second full-length album was released this summer by the celebrated Seattle label eMpTy Records. Bassist Hector Jaime and guitarist Greg Petix trade snarling lead vocals and songwriting duties, Jaime handles best the horase, angry laments, and Petix is more adept at high pitched shrieking and surrealistic subjects. The gleeful assault lets up occasionally for such instumental; gems as the rip-snortin' "Turbo Rat" and the off kilter riffing of "The Lumbering Sailor." Yahoo!