"Day Dreaming In An Empty Station Wagon" 22 Track V/A CD (Dizzy)
Produced by The Weird Lovemakers
Recorded 1999 at Star Time Studios in Tucson, AZ by Scott Moody
Released: 1999

Track Listing

  • Young Fresh Fellows "Barky's Spiritual Store #2"
  • Junior Varsity "Lafayette (Rock City)"
  • The Shakes "Sing Along"
  • Sea Monkeys "Saturday's Child"
  • The Decibels "You Make It Move"
  • The Weird Lovemakers "Sampoerna High"
  • Poopiehead "Insecticide Fighter"
  • The Kung Fu Monkeys "You're Like the Ketchup on My Fries "
  • Dirt Bike Annie "I Go Mental"
  • The Thundercats "Nuclear Bomb Affects Computer"
  • Garage Sale "Space Tour One: Mars"
  • The Figgs "Johnny Thunder"
  • The Rondelles "Boy I Know"
  • The Sheldrakes "Can I Play with Madness"
  • The Dorks "Alright"
  • Lizards "Hot Potato"
  • The Goblins "Somebody is Going to Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight"
  • The Hitchcocks "Love Songs"
  • Mixelpricks "Borin' Lauren"
  • In Crowd "Roots"
  • Dick Army "Nervous Breakdown"
  • The Kluggmen "One Particular Wave"
  • The Tortillas You Wanted "'Snowbeast: A Rock Opera' I. March of the Snowbeast II. Snowbeast's Lament III. The City IV. The Mayor V. The Chase VI. The Finale"

  • Lyrics


    Recorded live to 4 track at Star Time Studios (Scott's House) for the damn fine Mike Fallon and his damn fine Dizzy Records label (he's also responsible for the damn fine "Go Metric" fanzine). Greg chain smokes these foul smelling cloves (Sampoerna Wides) all the fucking time and is going to be dead soon as a result, so the song probably won't be so funny after he actually is. It's actually not so funny now, really. Release was limited to 1000 copies.