Razorcake #2 2001
Weird Lovemakers, The
"Back 20" CD

The Weird Lovemakers have been around for about five years. They've written a ton of songs, put out two albums on Empty, and a third one is coming in July. Beyond all of that, they have a bunch of songs that never made it onto comps or seven inches or anything, and apparently, the guitarist/singer Greg got sick of having all of these songs in his head and never being able to listen to them. So the band went into the studio, recorded this gem, and released it themselves. It's got that raw, trashy rock 'n' roll sound that I've come to love about the Weird Lovemakers, and the DIY recording definitely sounds like it's shaking the garage door off its tracks. But it's so much more than that. There's a doo-wop song here (though Weird Lovemaker doo-wop is tantamount to Picasso portrait painting). There's an eighties new wave song (see comment about Picasso), and there's just a lot of good rock 'n' roll. There's even a sample from one of the greatest movies of all time - "Millers's Crossing." Thumbing through the lyric sheet, trying to sift through Greg or Jaime's screaming antics, I was amazed to find that the lyrics are really good. They tell stories about a drug runner waiting out the statute of limitations in Mexico ("flipping my finger at the USA") and about being the homely roommate/best friend to a really pretty girl. Things like that. Because they were less cautious and doing it themselves, this album is more diverse than their previous two Empty ones. It's highly recommended. The Weird Lovemakers are, without a doubt, the best band that you've never heard of. I'd say more good things about them, but it already sounds like I'm gushing on their payroll. - Sean Carswell