Well, well, well. An update of sorts! First off, the site is stil buggy as hell (tons of missing images, links that go nowhere, etc), but really what can you expect for aband that's been dead for half a decade? The new news here is that Recess Records is actually going to be releasing the long promised "Must Die" album on CD & LP sometime soon, except now it's callled "Are Dead" (logical, you must admit). There's a different cover for the two formats as well, and a couple tiny changes fromt he version we probably burned off for you back in 2001 or whenever. In fact, here are a couple of pics (LP, CD):

lp the cd

Other news would be the ol' myspace page that we made, so if you want to pretend that we'll write you back (or even check up on the damn thing now & then), feel free to click away. What else, what else? OH, we might be playing a show sometime in the future too, you know -- to celebrate the record finally coming out & all that. Don't hold your breath or anything, but it really might happpen. No, really.

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Hey there Weird Lovemakers fan! Nice to see you, nice to see you. It's been quite a while and everything so, you know, thanks a lot for bothering to check up on us after so long. So, you're probably remembering that cool huge site we used to have with all the MP3s & videos & stuff, right? Well so do we but we're too cheap to keep it up now that we're not an active band, so this is just gonna have to do for now.

Okay here we go:

Long story short:
The Weird Lovemakers were a Punk Rock band out of Tucson, AZ from about 1994 to 2000. We put out a few CDs, a few singles & showed up on a bunch of compilations. We had a lot of fun & still hang out when we're all in the same town.
Where are they now?
Hector Jaime was playing bass & singing backups in the San Franciso-based Radio Reelers until very recently. They put out a good single on Zaxxon Virile Action & recorded a full length CD that oughtta be coming out soon (on Dead Beat records) as well. Other Tucson folks in the band are Jeff Glave (ex-Fells, also currently in the Sermon) on guitar & vocals & Adam "the Howlin' Hot Dog" (ex- Spites) on guitar & main vocals. I think the band is gonna keep going without Hector, so if you're in the Bay Area check 'em out. Hector's getting married soon too; sorry ladies.
Greg Petix formed a new band a few months back called the Cuntifiers, where he sings & plays guitar. They've played out a few times & have the signature Petix sound (turns out there really is one). The other guys in the band are Levi (drums; from the Swing Ding Amigos), Mark Beef (bass; ex-GxOxDx) & Travis Spillers (guitar; currently also in The Knockout Pills). Greg also works at Bookman's on Grant, so you should go & see him sometime & pester him for a discount.
Gerard Schumacher & Jason Willis are currently manning the drum & guitar slots (respectively) in the Knockout Pills. The band plays out in Tucson pretty regularly & their upcoming shows are usually updated on their website. The other guys in the band (who actually do most of the work) are Travis Spillers (bass & vocals; ex- Los Federales) & Matt Rendon (guitar & vocals; currently also in the Resonars & Foolscap Fire). While they've recorded a bunch of stuff they haven't put any of it out yet, so if you want to hear them you can download an MP3 or two here and that will make them very happy. Gerard is still a teacher & Jason still designs pornography. Both are still embarrassed by the other's job.
Recent activity:
The final album that was recorded by the Weird Lovemakers ("The Weird Lovemakers Must Die") is actually coming out. Yeah, that's right -- Go Metric! has decided to throw their money away by releasing a posthumous CD by a band almost no one has ever heard of. The fools! It oughtta happen soon too, so keep checking back for more info.
Razorcake is giving away copies of the next- to- last album by the band, "Back 20" with a subscription to their fanzine. The was the CD we recorded for Star Time Records in Gerard's house back around 1999 or so. It's probably the most ecclectic bunch of songs we had, but we had a good time making it (and, uh, then we broke up). If you got a copy by subscribing to Razorcake & that's why you're here we salute you for your fine taste in West Coast fanzines.
The rest:
You can still get a few Weird Lovemakers records & CDs from Empty Records. They were foolish enough to take a chance on us by putting out our 2nd full length ("Flu Shot") & a live album ("Live: Bigger Than a Cookie, Better Than a Cake", which we didn't even know was being recorded). Boxes of these CDs are currently propping up tables & serving as door stops at the Empty headquarters, so please help Blake out by buying as many of them as you can (he's got a kid on the way & could probably use the $).
Everything else is pretty much out of print -- the first full length ("Electric Chump"), the singles ("Irving", the splits with The Impossible Ones & A Band Called Moss) & the comps (too many to list). They show up used sometimes in Tucson though, so be sure to ask Greg to sign a copy if you find one at Bookman's.
... and that's it for now -- see ya around! We'll spruce up the site eventually, don't worry.
You can still write us here: PO BOX 3775/ Tucson, AZ/ 85722
...and you can email us here.